Academy of Political Management (APM)

The definition of social democracy stresses the importance of all sectors of society being involved in shaping decisions that affect their lives, be it at the local, national or international level. Therefore, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung supports efforts of civil society to qualify people from all walks of life to participate in politics. Our special focus is on young people.

Young people comprise the majority of the population but are largely excluded from political decision-making. While spaces for political participation exist, these are often accessible to a limited number of young people and thus do not maximize their inherent empowering functions. FES contributes to expanding opportunities by both capacitating young people to become respected political dialogue partners as well as to providing spaces to advocate their concerns, both in a national and international level.

This is where the Academy of Political Management (APM) comes in. By providing a capacity-building program for second-liners of progressive organizations, as well as a platform for dialogue among young progressive leaders, APM is a venue for training of potential leaders and second-line cadres who can perform both organizational and political tasks.

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This round of applications for APM is closed.

Our current batch of APM participants will be finishing their clusters throughout the second half of 2022.

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