The Youth for Just Transition (Y4JT)

The Youth for Just Transition (Y4JT) aims to further the youth agenda in battling climate change and advocating for a just transition in the Philippines.

FES Philippines formed the Youth for Just Transition (Y4JT) network to bring together youth organizations and lay down a path towards transitioning to a sustainable future that doesn’t leave anyone behind. The network consists of youth from different sectors such as students, young professionals, young trade unionists, queer advocates, youth organizers, and climate advocates. As a very diverse network, it integrates sector-specific issues to redefine what their just transitions are. It provides a new avenue for young people to understand their intersectionalities with climate and social justice as it pushes for climate solutions that are democratic and just.

The Youth Agenda in a Just Transition

In 2021, the first Just Transition Online Youth Camp was held on a digital island on Gather Town, attended by young workers and young climate advocates. Through bonfire chats, tent discussions, and community storytelling, the group mapped out the youth agenda, detailing opportunities for climate action collaboration, a just transition roadmap and the youth's message for COP26.

Y4JT Camp 2.0

This year, as part of the campaign to address the climate crisis, Y4JT will once again gather young individuals from for the Y4JT Youth Camp on the 10th - 13th November 2022 at Mt Purro Nature Reserve, Antipolo, Rizal.

Over 50 participants from (7) sectors have been selected to join the camp - sectors of journalism and media, transport, labor, the academe, indigenous groups, advocates, and out-of-school youth. Our aim is to discuss Just Transition, its intersectionalities, and relevance in addressing the impacts of the climate crisis. Campers will brainstorm possible youth-led and youth-driven solutions that are both concrete and sustainable in order to:

  • ensure equitable outcomes for all;
  • actualize transition to a low-carbon economy;
  • and, utilize available resources to maximize climate action while minimizing probable challenges.

Funding plays a crucial role in why climate stories are not being written in the Philippines. We partnered with Climate Tracker Asia in launching a fellowship program that aims to train and provide funding to our young journalist fellows. In this program, they investigated important climate related issues and produced in-depth quality pieces that were published in national publications.

Additionally, we held a Just Transition Roundtable Discussion on 28 September 28 2022. Advocates have been underscoring the importance of a ‘Just Transition’ in the Philippines, but the idea remains an abstract concept especially with gaps in the climate conversation. The group of delegates—journalists and representatives from the labor, power, and research sectors, and non-profit organizations—defined 'Just Transition' and discussed its current situation in their respective sectors, outlining the challenges and ways forward. 

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