Renewable Energy Bootcamp (REBOOT)

The message from recent climate reports is clear: humanity only has ten years left to prevent a global climate catastrophe. The solution for this crisis is also clear: we need to drastically reduce our carbon emissions by weaning ourselves off fossil fuels. Almost all nations have already set carbon reduction goals in Paris in 2015. Why are we not closing fossil fuel plants as fast as possible?

Energy has driven the massive economic growth that we have experienced since the Industrial Revolution. And with growing economies comes growing energy demand, especially in developing countries like the Philippines. Due to the pressure to rapidly meet this energy demand, fossil fuels remain tempting – and, some believe, unavoidable.

It is difficult to choose between climate and development. But we know that we have to change things if we are to survive.

The global energy transition towards 100% renewable energy offers a way out of this dilemma. But enabling this transition comes with its own set of very challenging processes. We need a collective understanding of the complexities surrounding the new energy system. We need living models that will demonstrate how low-carbon development can actually happen. And ultimately, we need to trigger systemic changes in our society's relationship with energy.

We need more than technical proficiency to make all these changes happen.

We need new leaders who are bold enough to navigate the transition.

The REBOOT Program

Applications for the Batch 3 of REBOOT is now closed!

For all applicants, the REBOOT secretariat will email you for your interview schedules. Afterwards, please check your email on or before September 27 for the results.

For any queries or clarifications, please contact us at reboot(at)


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